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Nazim announces 23 pledges for first 30 days of presidency

Mohamed Rehan
09 June 2023, MVT 12:22
Mohamed Nazim, who announced his run for presidency in 2023, announces campaign manifesto focusing on nine major areas-- Photo: Nishan Ali | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
09 June 2023, MVT 12:22

Former Defense Minister and founder of the Maldives National Party (MNP), Mohamed Nazim, who is contesting the presidential elections representing his party, announced his campaign manifesto on Wednesday, June 7.

During a ceremony held at the Meerumaa event hall, Nazim unveiled his campaign manifesto "Ujaalaa Zamaan" (Vibrant Era). The manifesto was developed upon nine major objectives.

The objectives include;

- Islamic Identity

- Content Youth

- Prospering Family

- Skilled Generation

- Mutual Economy

- Guaranteed Security

- Prevalence of Justice, and

- Transparent Governance

Besides highlighting nine major areas of long-term goals, Nazim had made 23 pledges to be fulfilled within the first 30 days of his presidency.

The first 30-day pledges;

1. Implementation and enforcement of the "Maldives First, and Maldivians First" policy

2. Public Disclosure the secretive letter (sent by President Solih to Mauritian PM), and commence efforts to repossess the portion lost from Maldivian sovereign territory

3. Housing Loan Scheme upon provision of valid Land/Plot registry

4. Introduction of a medical insurance card to bring an end to discriminatory conduct in health insurance

5. The first 100 units from domestic electricity meters will be free of charge, while 3,000 meters of water from domestic water bills to be free of charge

6. Development of guesthouses in atolls and handing over property keys to local businesses

7. Waste collection from general residences to be made free of charge

8. Annulment of MVR 2.00 fee from plastic bags

9. Increasing allowances to single mothers up to MVR 4,000, and financial support to families under a specific income bracket

10. MVR 3,000 Ramadan Allowance for all citizens aged 18 and above

11. Re-establishment of the Fatwa Assembly to allow Islamic scholars to speak more freely

12. Menstrual pads to be made free of charge

13. Introduction of a special pension scheme for fishers, farmers, and other professionals in blue-collar fields

14. Issuance of RSW and radar systems to fishing vessels through interest-free loans

15. Establishment of a special anti-narcotics and organized crime taskforce, and implementation of stronger intervention, rehabilitation, and reintegration policies targeting prisoner reformation efforts

16. Introduction of digital currency in the Maldives

17. Housing eligibility registry for citizens aged 18 and above

18. Ensuring the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) operates without political influence or personal agenda

19. Introduction of recall vote in Maldives Parliament

20. Issuance of water filter systems to households, and subsidize plastic-reduction

21. Reduction of Hiyaa social housing rent to MVR 4,000

22. Free bus transportation for locals to reduce vehicle concentration in Male’ City

23. 30 percent of Parliamentary seats to be designated to female MPs

His pledges also include introduction of free education from pre-school up to Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) levels, as well as provision of the best prescription medication for consumers.

Nazim has also pledged to create a "Ministry of Happiness" dedicated to public welfare. As part of this initiative, he has also proposed providing a one-time allowance of MVR 5,000 to each newborn

During Wednesday evening’s assembly, Nazim officiated his official campaign website "Nazim 2023" as well.

Nazim received MNP's presidential ticket on May 26 after which he commenced his campaign efforts. Placards and billboards are being placed across Malé City ahead of the September 9, presidential election.