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WAMCO to add charges for doorstep waste collection

Mohamed Rehan
15 March 2023, MVT 13:40
WAMCO Waste Collection Service
Mohamed Rehan
15 March 2023, MVT 13:40

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has said it was considering charging a separate fee for waste collection directly from the doorstep of apartments.

WAMCO also said that following the inclusion of waste collection charges in the electricity bills, waste will be collected from the ground floor of apartment buildings. The company’s Managing Director Yoosuf Siraaj stated that WAMCO will begin collecting waste from the ground floor of apartments buildings effective April 2023.

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology decided to include the fee in electricity bills since many households do not pay waste collection charges regularly.

WAMCO currently charges MVR 150 for waste collection from residential apartments.

The Ministry reported that only 20,000 households out of the 53,000 registered residences paid waste collection fees regularly.

“We have not yet decided the charges we will levy for the service, but we are discussing the prices,” Siraaj said.

He further stated that the amendment will solve the issue of outstanding bills, and added that WAMCO will generate approximately MVR 7.5 million every month.

The company has faced difficulties in procuring and repairing its assets and equipment due to significant outstanding payments owed to them.

WAMCO has recently made changes to its fee structure as well.

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