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Navio Amaryllis ordered to pay MVR 893 million for damages

Lamya Abdulla
27 October 2021, MVT 14:45
(FILE) Aerial shot of the bulk carrier Navio Amaryllis that had run aground in Rasfaree Reef in August: EPA said it would take over ten years to recover the damages the reef suffered in this incident --Photo: Mohamed Shaahid
Lamya Abdulla
27 October 2021, MVT 14:45

Bulk carrier Navio Amaryllis has been charged MVR 893 million to pay for damages caused to Rasfaree Reef when the ship ran aground on the reef in August.

After conducting a survey to study the damages caused by the bulk carrier, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided they would fine and sue for damages caused by this accident.

The bulk carrier registered Panama is 189.99 meters long and has a carrying capacity of 32,415 tons. The ship ran aground in a protected reef in Kaafu Atoll en route to South Africa from India due engine failure.

EPA told Mihaaru News that they will be fining the owners of Navio Amaryllis MVR 100 million, the highest fine they can charge, for environmental damages to the reef.

When total damages to the reef and the state's expenditure was calculated, it amounted to MVR 893 million. EPA said these costs include the charge of refloating the bulk carrier and transporting it elsewhere in addition to the environmental damages as well.

Navio Amaryllis had damaged 8,867 hectares of area from Rasfaree Reef.

The bulk carrier is still under Maldivian authorities. It will be released back to their owners after the fees are paid.

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