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Navio Amaryllis refloated 10 days after it ran aground in Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
30 August 2021, MVT 10:57
Navio Amaryllis being refloated --
Lamya Abdulla
30 August 2021, MVT 10:57

Bulk carrier Navio Amaryllis was refloated on Sunday, ten days after it had run aground in Rasfaree Reef of Maldives.

The cargo carrier was en route from India to South Africa when it ran aground in Maldives on August 19. This ship, registered under Panama, is 189.99 meters longs and has a carrying capacity of 32,415 tons.

In a press release by Transport Authority on Sunday, the ship was refloated around 2:15 in the afternoon that day. They noted this was a combined effort of state authorities and the owner of the ship.

So far no substance has leaked from the ship that may harm the surrounding environment, which was a concern since the ship first ran aground in Maldivian waters.

Transport Authority stated they were investigating the matter further now. They also said Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be conducting a joint investigation to on how this incident affected the environment.

The engine of Navio Amaryllis stopped on August 18. The ship had then drifted, until it ran aground on August 19. None of the 19 crew members had informed any state authorities regarding this matter, which was now being investigated.

This case was reported to the authorities by a boat that had travelled in that area.

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