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President Solih for the first time reveals plans to run for second term

Mohamed Rehan
08 June 2022, MVT 22:06
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addressing the media in a press conference held Wednesday, June 8, 2022 -- Photo: President's Office
Mohamed Rehan
08 June 2022, MVT 22:06

President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for the first time has revealed that he is prepared to run for a second presidential term.

In a press conference held in the President's Office today, he stated that he is ready to contend in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections.

According to him, the island nation will benefit the most should Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) continued to remain as the country's ruling party for a second term.

Although he spoke with confidence for a possible second run for MDP, President Solih acknowledged the importance for a political coalition.

He noted the uncertainty for a single party to come to power without forging political alliances with other like-minded parties.

"I am confident that a coalition led by MDP will win in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections," the president claimed.

Speaking about the party's internal directives, he clarified that the presidential candidate will be decided by the party's congress.

However, he also addressed his willingness to run for a second term if the party wishes.

"If MDP wants to come to power, I am here as a choice," he added.

While President Solih revealed his plans to possibly run for a second term, MDP's founding member and current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed had earlier announced his interest to run for presidency as well.

Nasheed had discussed in great length for a public referendum to ascertain if the country is best suited with a presidential system or a parliamentary system.

Nasheed proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Maldives that will allow for parties to win elections without forming coalitions.

In his suggestion, Nasheed had proposed to amend the Constitutional provision to allow winning candidate to acquire just 30 percent of the public's vote.

MDP may be expecting an internal clash once again; this time between Solih and Nasheed as the latter had earlier announced his decision to contend in the party's primary.

Though the party has not confirmed a schedule for a primary, President Solih on Wednesday claimed that holding a primary was the democratically inclined approach.

The ruling party has observed formation of two distinct factions, with signs of stiff clash between the two especially during MDP's chairperson elections.

The members who fall on either sides of the factions appear to hold conflicting political ideals with one another which is visible in their conduct at the parliament floor.