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Elections Commission to grant three day window for voter reregistration

As the parliamentary elections have been rescheduled to April 21, EC has decided to provide an opportunity of reregistration for voters who may need to change location of voting due to the date change.

Mariyath Mohamed
04 March 2024, MVT 14:08
Election Commission Meet Political Parties
Mariyath Mohamed
04 March 2024, MVT 14:08

Elections Commission (EC) has announced today that it has decided to grant a three day window within which voters can apply for reregistration to another voting center if necessary due to the revised date of the parliamentary elections.

The parliamentary elections are now scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 21.

EC Secretary General Hassan Zakariyya said in a meeting of the parliament's Committee on Independent Institutions that 560 individuals have newly become eligible for voting due to the delay in election date.

Zakariyya said that these new voters will be added to the list, the list published and opened for complaints. After this, reregistration window will be opened from March 14 for a period of three days.

He said that the reregistration window has been limited to just three days based on the low response the previous reregistration drive had received.

"We got about 11,000. As we did not receive a higher response than that, we decided on a three day window. Because we had given a week previously," Zakariyya said.

Countries in which the minimum required number of registrations wasn't previously reached will also be included in this new opportunity to reregister, Zakariyya added. This includes London, Thailand and several other locations. If a minimum of 150 registered voters are reached in any of these locations, a vote center will be established there.

Chair of the committee MP Rozaina Adam expressed concerns that a three window is not sufficient and requested an extension.

EC President Fuad Thaufeeq did not commit, instead responding that discussions on the matter will be held, after which a decision will be reached.

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