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LIVE UPDATES: Polling closes with 78.4 percent voter turn out

06 April 2019, MVT 10:50
A man casts his ballot during the Parliamentary Election 2019. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Polling station closes at 1800 hours. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
06 April 2019, MVT 10:50

LIVE - Updates from the Election Commission


As voting for the 2019 Parliamentary Election commences across the country at 0800, the electoral watchdog called on the people to vote peacefully.


Elections Commission (EC) member Ahmed Akram stated that 20,000 people have cast their ballots so far.

He noted that voter turnout is quite low, with no queues at some polling stations.


EC reported that the total number of ballots cast in both Maldives and overseas so far amount to over 42,000.


President of EC Ahmed Shareef tweeted some statistics from voter turn out just now.

According to his tweet, 43,074 people voted, out of which 26,513 are males and 16,561 are females.


According to the most recent EC update, 19 percent of eligible voters or 50,000 people have cast their ballots.


EC announced that voter turnout has reached 70,501, which amounts to 26.66 percent of registered voters.


EC recieved complaints concerning parliamentary candidates, noted to be campaigning near certain polling stations. The police subsequently dispersed any such individuals.


EC announces that the voting period would be extended for stations in Thilafushi, Kaafu Atoll. According to EC President Shareef, the decision to prolong overall voting times will be finalised at approximately 1530. Voting commenced late at certain polling stations.


Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) reveals that three complaints regarding voting rights were submitted. National Complaints Bureau has resolved two of these issues.


HRCM will operate at 20 polling stations across Maldives to observe voting procedures and ballot counting. In addition, media outlets have also been actively observing the proceedings.


According to EC, 71,842 people or 27.17 of those registered as eligible voters had cast their ballots by 1200 hrs. This consists of 40,417 males and 31,425 females.


Majilis Election 2019- Elections Commission meeting

National Advisory Committee meets regarding the ongoing parliamentary election.


EC revealed that voter turnout has increased to 78 percent, which is 166,105 people.



A total of 94,197 voters have cast their ballots in the parliamentary election. While this represents 35.52 percent of registered voters, 50,772 males and 43,425 females have voted.


Statistics published by EC regarding voter turnout. PHOTO: ELECTIONS COMMISSION (EC)

More than 100,000 people have voted in the parliamentary election thus far.


EC President Ahmed Shareef announces that a sudden drop in voter turnout was noted since 1300 hrs.


According to EC member Ahmed Akram 54 percent of the registered voters have cast their ballots. This amounts to 117,823 votes.


Translation of tweet: "I have voted, have you? If not, make haste, do not wait until the last moment".

EC President Ahmed Shareef casts his ballot and tweeted a picture of the indelible ink on his index finger. He urged voters to head to their allocated polling stations without delay.


Ahmed Akram stated that the voting period at stations in Thilafushi, Kaafu Atoll will be extended if all those registered at the island's ballot boxes have not finished casting their votes by 1600 hrs. Voting in Thilafushi commenced at 0915 hrs.


Members of the National Advisory Committee proposed to increase the time allocated for voting. In response, EC stated that there was no legal boundary to such an extension.


EC declares that voting period for all polling stations across Maldives have been extended until 1800 hours.


A total of 160,534 or 60.71 percent of eligible voters have cast their ballots in the parliamentary election so far. This consists of 82,135 males and 78,399 females have voted.


President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared that April 7 would be a government holiday.


EC announces that voter turnout has reached 73 percent. The number of voters who had cast their ballots by noon was lower compared to previous elections.


Voting is now closed. However, people still in queue at 1800 hours, at some of the polling stations, are allowed to cast their votes before the stations close.

Over 200,000 have voted in this election, including 100,673 men and 99,791 women, comprising 75 percent of the total 264,442 voters eligible.


According to the Elections Commission, voting has not concluded at two polling stations located in Fuvahmulah and Eydhafushi, Baa Atoll respectively due to a problem.

An infographic on the 2019 parliamentary election. PHOTO: AHMED AIHAM / THE EDITION


A total of 207,360 people had cast their ballots by the time voting stopped at all polling stations. This represents 78.4 percent of the eligible voters registered for the parliamentary election.


Ballot counting commences. According to EC, only two ballot boxes in Eydhafushi and Fuvahmulah are still open.

Elections Commission Officials counting ballot papers in a polling station. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU


Vote counting has not begun in some polling stations despite 1830 hours being the allocated time to start counting ballots. Some of these boxes include those placed in capital Male' and some islands. The reason for this delay has not yet been clarified.


People lining outside voting centers. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU

EC announces that civilians will be allowed until maximum capacity into voting centres as ballots are being counted.


Counting of some boxes have been completed and results are being announced for those.


As of now, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is leading with 27 constituencies. However, no seats have been guaranteed for any candidate.