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Taxi overcharging and queue shortage at VIA resolved, police now active

The issue of taxis overcharging passengers, admitting additional individuals into the taxi without the passengers permission and disorderly conduct from taxi drivers have been resolved and police stationed at VIA will now be looking into such cases.

Malika Shahid
08 May 2024, MVT 10:45
Taxi queue at Velana International Airport (VIA)
Malika Shahid
08 May 2024, MVT 10:45

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohamed Ameen said today that the issue of taxis overcharging and the unavailability of taxis from the queue at Velana International Airport (VIA) has been resolved as of yesterday.

Recently, the taxi queue at VIA has become disorderly, with some drivers mistreating passengers. Despite the government's implementation of special fares for travel from the VIA to Male' and Hulhumale', passengers have reported being charged different fares and dropped off at locations they had not agreed to.

Minister Ameen told 'Mihaaru News' that the issues surrounding taxis at VIA were resolved yesterday afternoon through collaborative efforts between the Transport Ministry, Ministry of Homeland Security and Technology, Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL), and the police.

Home Minister Ihusaan, Transport Minister Ameen and Deputy Commissioner of Police Faruhad during a discussion held with other officials of the institutions about the issues surrounding taxi queue at VIA

"With the changes implemented, taxis are required to pick up passengers from the taxi queue in sequential order. Taxis are not permitted to accept additional passengers or engage in disorderly conduct by sending passengers to the back of the queue," Minister Ameen said.

"If taxi drivers decline to serve a passenger, they will need to exit the queue. Additionally, the police stationed at the airport will look into cases of overcharging and acceptance of additional passengers into taxis," Minister Ameen clarified.

According to the Minister, the police will deal with those taxi drivers who violate these regulations.

"Those who fail to adhere to the regulations will be instructed to vacate the taxi queue. If the [first] passenger does not consent, additional groups or individuals cannot ride in the taxi. It is not within the taxi driver's authority to permit additional passengers," he said.

Minister Ameen had earlier said that a modern taxi line is being established to bring a permanent solution to the taxi service problem.