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Voting for Parliamentary Elections begins

Rae Munavvar
06 April 2019, MVT 08:04
People queuing up to vote for Parliamentary Elections 2019. PHOTO: ELECTIONS COMMISSION
Rae Munavvar
06 April 2019, MVT 08:04

Elections Commission (EC) stated that Maldivians began casting votes into designated ballot boxes across the country at 0800 hrs on Saturday, April 6.

A large number of voters have already queued up at the polling stations to cast their vote.

A total of 501 ballot boxes have been placed in both Maldives and at designated points overseas.

In a statement given on Thursday, the commission provided assurances that the election would be free and fair and expressed hope that candidates, parties and the public alike would aid in ensuring all activities proceed peacefully.

Further, Elections Commission President Ahmed Shareef, shared that all administrative work and preparations were completed prior to the weekend.

According to Shareef, polling stations are set to announce the results of each ballot box and publicise the result sheets shortly after voting concludes.

While polling stations close at 1600 hrs, those queued up at the time can still cast their votes.

There are 264,589 Maldivians who are eligible to vote in the ongoing election. Voters will make their preferred choice amongst 386 candidates contesting for the 87 constituencies.