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HR Federation awards membership to MAHRP

01 April 2019, MVT 19:45
During the ceremony where Maldives Association of Human Resource Professional (MAHRP) attained membership in Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM). PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
01 April 2019, MVT 19:45

Maldives Association of Human Resource Professional (MAHRP), on March 16, attained membership in Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM).

According to the leading organisation of Maldives’ HR sector MAHRP, they received membership at the APFHRM board meeting held at Fiji. MAHRP was represented in the board meeting by the organisation’s President Afeef Hussain and Vice President Ahmed Ibrahim.

As a member in APFHRM, MAHRP will represent Maldives in the organisation.

MAHRP stated that attaining membership in the federation was a huge honour and success for the organization and others working in Maldives’ HR sector.

APFHRM is a federation that includes the biggest HR management associations currently running in Asia Pacific region as participants. The biggest benefit to Maldives by becoming a member of the federation is the opportunities presented to the country to collaborate with others on academic research.

MAHRP said that as a result of membership, professionals in Maldives’ HR sector would receive a variety of benefits, with opportunities in the federation to share member countries Best Practice and access to research databases.

“Additionally, bringing in qualified speakers from across the world to Maldives would be easier. Furthermore, the most important aspects is that MAHRP would with ease be able to participate in activities conducted by member associations,” MAHRP said in a statement released to local media outlet Mihaaru.

Also serving as LUX Resort Regional Director for Training and Development, MAHRP President Afeef Hussain stated that the MAHRP becoming a member would serve as a golden opportunity to the entirety of Maldives.

“Economically, enhancing relations between countries like Maldives and developing Human Resources sector would result in the major advancement of Maldives’ workers in the field. Special thanks are extended to Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM) President and Federation Board Member Dhammika Fernando for giving us the opportunity.”

Member countries of the federation include Australia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore amongst others.

APFHRM is also a member of World Federation of People Management.

MAHRP is an organisation that works to produce individuals and creates awareness in human resource sector. Counting a year since MAHRP’s inception, the organisation has conducted numerous projects in human resource sector.

Accordingly, more than 400 participants joined the HR Convention and Expo that was held in March by the organisation.