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JP coalition status intact, digresses only for election: Ameen

Shahudha Mohamed
01 April 2019, MVT 15:15
Senior members of Jumhooree Party, including deputy leader Ameen Ibrahim, and leader Qasim Ibrahim.
Shahudha Mohamed
01 April 2019, MVT 15:15

Jumhooree Party's (JP) deputy leader Ameen Ibrahim affirmed that the party was still a member of the ruling coalition, and only sought out other options for the parliamentary elections because there was no choice.

Disputes ensuing due to Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) failure in upholding the coalition agreement led to JP collaborating with opposition parties People's National Congress (PNC) and Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) for the upcoming elections.

JP endorsed candidates running for parliament on PPM and PNC's ticket, and vice versa. However, the parties lack an official agreement.

Jumhooree Party faced severe criticism from MDP over to their decision and received multiple requests within the ruling coalition pushing JP to clarify whether its alliance lay with the ruling coalition or opposition parties.

In a tweet made by Ameen addressing the issue, the party's Deputy Leader stated that JP would continue to maintain its stance within the ruling coalition, despite its actions being heavily scrutinized by the leading party, MDP.

Ameen stated that JP was forced to utilize other options for the parliamentary elections due to MDP failing to adhere to the terms laid out in the coalition agreement.

"If repercussions over this matter arise, who will shoulder the responsibility?" Ameen questioned.

Moreover, Ameen stated that the electoral pledges made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih were not the views of a particular party, but rather, reflected on the entirety of the coalition.

"The leaders of the coalition will ensure those [electoral] pledges are fulfilled. Therefore, electing candidates hailing from a certain party is not required, to achieve these pledges", Ameen's tweet read.

JP's deputy leader Ameen Ibrahim's tweets. [translated]

Prior to this, Jumhooree Party announced that disputes within the ruling coalition followed MDP's decision to contest for all the constituencies instead of honouring the coalition agreement. Per the agreement, a set number of constituencies were allotted for each party within the ruling coalition.

Since heated exchanges have taken place between JP leader Qasim Ibrahim and MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed, with neither party reaching an agreement.