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AG Office submits 5 bills on independent authorities to parliament

Shahudha Mohamed
28 March 2019, MVT 18:08
Members of Anti-Corruption Commission in the ceremony held to publicise the commission's annual report in 2018. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU.
Shahudha Mohamed
28 March 2019, MVT 18:08

Attorney General's (AG) Office revealed on Thursday that five bills were drafted and submitted to parliament to eliminate influence on independent organizations.

Amendments were proposed to Anti-Corruption Commission Act, Human Rights Commission Act, Audit Act, Elections Commission Act and The Maldivian Civil Service Act.

AG Office stated that these amendments were proposed to allow independent commissions to adhere to their responsibilities, and refrain from bias and favouring any parties.

During the first 100 days of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration, AG office was tasked with completion of 12 electoral pledges. The office disclosed that 11 of these tasks were completed, and a total of 21 bills were drafted and submitted to parliament.

According to AG Office, the bills submitted to parliament include those related to governance, justice mechanism, human rights, and ease of living and businesses.

A statement released by AG officer revealed that most of these bills have now been passed and ratified.

Additionally, AG Office analysed 11 laws and drafted bills to amend four of them, in order to fulfill the pledge to review laws which were enacted to provide undue advantages or disadvantages to certain parties or individuals.

Attorney Generals Office also stated that bringing changes to the Judicial Service Commission and courts in order to strengthen the justice system is one of the most important first '100-day' pledges made by the government.

The office also said that the changes to be brought have been noted, and drafting amendments necessary for judicial reform were currently in progress.

Moreover, AG office reviewed 11 agreements and conducted initial reviews on an additional 20 agreements, as per the presidential pledge to revise any loans and contracts that were signed in a way which could endanger the economy and sovereignty of the country.

AG Office stated that six projects signed with foreign countries were reviewed and submitted to relevant authorities upon their request.