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Police guarantee tighter security for parliamentary elections

Shahudha Mohamed
28 March 2019, MVT 11:41
The press conference held by Maldives Police Services to provide details about the preparations undertaken by Police to ensure peaceful parliamentary elections. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU.
Shahudha Mohamed
28 March 2019, MVT 11:41

Maldives Police Service guaranteed on Wednesday that security would be tighter in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for April 6, compared to the presidential election of 2018.

In a press conference held to detail the preparations undertaken by Police, Election Security Commander Chief Superintendent of Police Abdulla Shareef stated that no one would be allowed to enter the premises where ballots are being kept without permission from Police.

"Our security is much tighter than last time. No one is allowed entry into the security room without Police knowing about it. The information of anyone who does enter will be logged then and there. This time, there will be no room for complaints", Shareef said.

Additionally, Shareef also revealed that Police have already been deployed at all the locations allocated for ballot boxes, and they will be operating around the area when the voting is in progress.

Although Shareef did not reveal the exact number of Police personnel involved in Operation Blue Tide, he ensured that enough individuals have been trained for the operation.

Moreover, Shareef ensured that there would be no chance for conflict.

"Police would meet all the candidates and their ambassadors to further ensure that the election goes smoothly and peacefully", he said.

The Investigation Coordinator to Elections Commission, Chief Superintendent of Police Mohamed Basheer, stated that several complaints have been filed regarding parliamentary election.

These complaints include damage to campaign hubs and materials. Most of the complaints were filed from Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, with numbers reaching 33, while a comparatively lower number of 12 complaints were submitted from Male'.

Basheer ensured that necessary measures were being taken in regard to the complaints.

Speaking of the preventive measures taken in order to ascertain a peaceful and just election, Police advised all candidates to campaign within the limits of the law.