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Tertiary hospital to be developed in Thinadhoo

Shahudha Mohamed
27 March 2019, MVT 20:16
Ministry of Health's press conference regarding the tertiary hospital to be established in Thinadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. PHOTO: HEALTH MINISTRY.
Shahudha Mohamed
27 March 2019, MVT 20:16

Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that a tertiary hospital will be built in Thinadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

Health Ministry's Deputy Director General Thasleema Usman revealed that the 100-bed hospital will be constructed on a new plot of land, as the current hospital cannot be expanded with renovations.

Currently, Thinadhoo has a regional hospital with a 50-bed capacity. All the services provided in this hospital will be shifted to the new hospital once it's opened.

"We are thinking of establishing an environmentally friendly hospital that meets the standards set by World Health Organization (WHO)", Thasleema said.

Additionally, Health Ministry revealed that the tertiary hospital will provide new services such as improved laboratory facilities and other sub-specialties. The sub-specialties will be decided after taking the facilities unavailable at the tertiary hospital in Addu into consideration.

"We are aiming to provide facilities from the two tertiary hospitals in the south that can treat as many illnesses as possible", Thasleema stated.

Noting that the hospital's establishment will bring about various new job opportunities, the ministry disclosed that priority will be given to locals in choosing employees for the positions.

The bidding process for the hospital is open for both local and foreign companies. However, the announcement made on Wednesday was primarily concerning the concept details of the hospital.