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Commissions established over untrustworthy authorities: President Solih

Shahudha Mohamed
24 March 2019, MVT 14:51
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the campaign rally of MP Imthiyaz Fahmy: The President declared that a new housing project will be announced soon. PHOTO: MDP
Shahudha Mohamed
24 March 2019, MVT 14:51

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed on Sunday that presidential commissions were established over the mistrust of the common people towards already existing authorities.

Speaking at the campaign ceremony of Ali Riza, who is contesting for Milandhoo constituency on Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s ticket, President Solih stated that investigations into deaths and enforced disappearances, as well as corruption, commenced within the first day of administrative change.

Highlighting the parliament's hesitation to back the work of presidential commissions, President Solih stated that the commissions will keep operating even through difficult situations.

Additionally, President Solih spoke about the importance of granting powers to the presidential commissions.

"We have independent organizations, Anti-Corruption Commission, and other authorities, but those places lacked the people's trust at the time", President Solih said.

"We don't see any results. At the time only certain parties were investigated. Therefore, I was forced to establish presidential commissions. That would not have been necessary if the pre-established authorities were running justly", he added.

Noting that the truth in certain murders and enforced disappearances were clear as day, the president stated that investigations had reached a halt at a certain point.

"I need the parliament's backing to push these matters forward", he urged.

According to President Solih, there is much to be done for the betterment of the country, which requires the support of the parliament.