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Removal of vegetation allowed for major projects: EPA

Shahudha Mohamed
24 March 2019, MVT 11:18
The island of Madivaru, after the vegetation was cleared for development purposes. MIHAARU: FILE PHOTO / ADHIYYU.
Shahudha Mohamed
24 March 2019, MVT 11:18

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) revealed on Saturday that they authorise the removal and transfer of vegetation from sites where major projects are in progress.

EPA stated that there was no issue in transporting uprooted vegetation according to the established rules and regulations.

"Land clearance is necessary for agriculture and major development projects such as airports. In most cases, there is no space for uprooted palms and trees to be replanted on the same island", a statement released by EPA highlighted.

The statement further revealed that transfer of vegetation is only allowed under these circumstances, as replanting the trees in another island with the required permits is the most beneficial option in that scenario.

"The agency is taking measures against any parties committing such acts without the proper permits", warned EPA.

Recently, several cases of vegetation being uprooted from inhabited islands to be replanted in developing resorts have surfaced.

The government only issues permits to uproot more than 200 palms and plants if the island required land clearance for projects such as parks, landfill sites, or roads.

However, many environmentalists have been raising their voices against the destruction of vegetation, drawing attention to the environmental issues and disadvantages of disrupting large areas of the ecosystem from islands for development purposes.