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President Solih inaugurates programme to teach Quran with Braille

21 March 2019, MVT 11:34
President Solih and government officials attending the ceremony. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
21 March 2019, MVT 11:34

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih took part in the inauguration ceremony of programme to teach recitation of Quran using braille.

Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are visually impaired.

The programme was a pledge of President Solih in order to provide progressive assistance to disabled people.

During the ceremony, Ministry of Islamic Affairs also inaugurated a sign language programme to provide religious information to those with special needs.

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Ahmed Zahid stated that education is a fundamental right for everyone. He highlighted the importance of education as a tool to foster social progress.

“Technology innovation is making education for the visually impaired much easier for today’s generation,” said Minister Zahir. “Braille can be used to educate people who are visually impaired and sign language for hearing impared can be used as a method of education.”

According to Minister Zahir, the government pays great attention to provide special education for children with additional needs without differentiating each individual.

Additonally, the minister noted the importance of parent’s participation in providing special education.

“Neglecting people with special needs is not acceptable in Islam,” said Minister Zahir.

He announced the ministry’s plan to conduct two sessins on religion per month for children with hearing disabilities. sessions

There are also plans to start translating the sermons on Friday prayer into sign language.

“This will enable them to attend mosques and get a chance to understand the weekly Friday sermons,” said Zahir.

The ceremony was concluded with the recitation of Quran using braille by a child who is visually impaired.