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Anti-bullying ambassador faces harassment allegations

Shahudha Mohamed
17 March 2019, MVT 17:03
Anti bullying policy / education ministry /
Shahudha Mohamed
17 March 2019, MVT 17:03

Several notable companies have removed their affiliation with Ministry of Education's Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Aalif Naseer (Aal), after serious allegations against him by various individuals.

Ministry of Education created a set of rules and regulations to prevent bullying in school environments and assigned Aalif as the ambassador of the movement on February 13.

Following this, social media flooded with accusations against the locally famous YouTuber, including allegations that he had blackmailed and harassed numerous women.

Aalif posted an apology after these allegations were brought to light.

Replying to a question posed on Twitter, Minister of Education Dr Aishath Ali tweeted on March 12 that Aalif was appointed as an anti-bullying ambassador on the recommendation of a trusted staff, and that the background check carried out by the relevant staff found no cause for concern.

“When the ambassador wrote an apology, I liked it thinking that it was him brushing someone’s sensibilities in the wrong way. When the gravity of the cause became known I had unliked the apology”, she said.

Minister of Education Dr Aishath Ali's tweet regarding the allegations against Aalif Naseer. PHOTO: TWITTER

Minister Aishath further stated that Ministry of Education has always had zero tolerance for sexual harassment which would be upheld at all times. Noting that an untarnished reputation was necessary for the ambassador’s position and profile, Minister Aishath guaranteed to do what was necessary.

However, Aalif has not been dismissed from the position as of yet. Aalif confirmed the allegations against him in a tweet he posted last month, admitting that he had made mistakes and that he is learning from them.

Moreover, Aalif expressed that he will not repeat the same mistakes again, and stated that he personally wanted to apologise to those he had done wrong.

The tweets Aalif posted apologizing for his behaviour. PHOTO: TWITTER

Aalif is a vlogger who has collaborated with businesses such as telecom giant Dhiraagu, LeCute, Lotus Fihaara and Baiskoafu. The businesses have now removed all affiliations with the YouTuber.