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Commissioner General of Taxation denies corrupt flat distribution

12 March 2019, MVT 22:22
12 March 2019, MVT 22:22

Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed stated that there was no corruption involved in the allocation of flats to his family members under former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's mega social housing project 'Hiyaa'.

According to local media Mihaaru, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) member Yazmeed Mohamed, younger brother to Yazeed, acquired social housing flat in Gulhi Falhu. In addition, Yazmeed’s wife is also among his 10 family members who acquired social housing flats.

Yazeed, however, urged the public to halt the spreading of "baseless" rumours on social media, stating that the attention had repercussions on the mental state of his family members.

"My family members are entitled to seek social housing - does being related to me negate their right ? What sort of justice is this?”, Yazeed said, speaking in defence of his family members.right?

Yazeed added that the 37 family members who received the flats were living in Capital City Male for several years, although they are registered under the same house in Villingili, Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

“Upon reviewing the matter, it is clear that while there are over 200 members in my family who are eligible for social housing under different categories, they have never received [it],” said Yazeed.

According to Yazeed, if he was a corrupt individual, his family members would have received flats on previous occasions.

In addition to Yazmeed and his wife, four more of the ACC member's siblings; Yazeeda Mohamed, Shaziyya Mohamed, Yaznaa Mohamed and Mazeed Mohamed, had each received a housing unit. The remaining 31 recipients hailed from Yazeed's extended family.

Yazeed, however, clarified that his younger brother Yazmeed is a father of two that has worked in the capital city for 17 years, and that despite having rented land in Male’ for 19 years, Yazeed does not have a house of his own.

“The truth is that the list is made up of the people living in Male’ across a period of 10 to 37 years. These people live with their families and have children,” said Yazeed.

On 13th February, the Presidential Committee formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to investigate issues related to the previous administration's controversial distribution of housing units declared that negligence was involved.

During the tenure of former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom, the former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muizzu was tasked with the distribution of apartment guarantees for the 7000 individuals who acquired housing through 'Hiyaa'.

The former administration maintained secrecy over the identities of those who received the guarantees by stating that personal information could not be released.

Meanwhile, allegations that 37 members of Nilandhoo MP Dr Abdulla Haleel's relatives received the flats have recently surfaced. The MP has since stated that he had no involvement in the distribution of the flats.