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Tiny Hearts kicks off 11th 'Care for Tiny Hearts Camp'

Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 March 2019, MVT 16:15
A boy receiving consultation duiringTiny Hearts 'Care for Tiny Hearts Camp'. PHOTO: TINY HEARTS MALDIVES
Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 March 2019, MVT 16:15

Tiny Hearts Maldives, a non-government organization that works to help children with congenital heart diseases, commenced its 11th 'Care for Tiny Hearts Camp' on Sunday.

The annual medical camp by the NGO facilitates free consultations with visiting Pediatric Cardiologists, echocardiography sessions, and fetal screenings for expectant mothers at greater risk for having babies with CHD.

According to Tiny Hearts, approximately 200 patients will be given the opportunity to consult with doctors, and the appointments for these consultations have been already allocated.

To date, the 'Care for Tiny Hearts' camps have provided services to a total of 1153 patients in addition to training 76 doctors for Fetal Heart Screening,

Currently, there are 565 patients registered in the organization. Tiny Hearts Maldives is also a member of the World Heart Federation.

The camp is set to conclude on Tuesday, March 12.