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Harbour cleanups and presentations at Dharavandhoo

Warmly received by residents, the team engages in a productive information session with the youth of Dharavandhoo.

Ahmed Aiham
27 February 2019, MVT 12:06
The Stand Up For Our Seas team at Dharavandhoo PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON
Ahmed Aiham
27 February 2019, MVT 12:06

The team made landfall at Dharavandhoo, on Monday, following the departure from Hanifaru Island.

Enduring strong currents and crossing the channel separating the two islands, the four concluded their 3km paddle in under an hour.

Greeted by several inhabitants on the island with fanfare usually reserved for celebrities, the warm welcome acted as a huge morale boost for the worn-out women, who have two more days of paddling remaining.

"[With] spirits and morale sufficiently boosted, we watched the sunset with grins returning to our faces", said Dr Claire Petros of the Stand Up For Our Seas team.

Following a short rest at the local guesthouse 'Hibaru', the four then conducted an awareness presentation for the youth of the island.

Claire said, "I'm certain we will all sleep very well tonight", referring to the physical exertion of the day, coupled with the conclusion of a productive information session.

Afterwards, the group did a cleanup of the harbour area before departing to nearby Maalhos Island.