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Spontaneous paddler briefly joins team!

Stopping by Dhonfanu for an afternoon meal briefly results in the spontaneous recruitment of a temporary, but no less enthusiastic, local team member.

Ahmed Aiham
26 February 2019, MVT 21:27
The four as seen paddling through Baa Atoll. PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON
Ahmed Aiham
26 February 2019, MVT 21:27

All four paddlers paddled from Hanifaru to Dhonfanu island for lunch on Monday.

Dhonfanu is an inhabited island measuring 12.60 hectares, with a population of approximately 305 residents.

Shortly after their lunch, a lady who was following the team through its social media channels introduced herself and inquired about the possibility of trying her hand at stand up paddleboarding.

Team member and Diving Instructor Shaziya Saeed took up to the challenge and showed the ropes on how to paddleboard, using the lagoon as a practice pool for the lady.

As the team's spontaneous new companion had expressed a great liking for Shaziya's locally designed Toddy 'snapback', Shaziya surprised the woman by gifting it to her.

Having made their way back to their landing site at Hanifaru, the team departed to Baa Atoll's airport island Dharavandhoo, where they were scheduled to spend the night.