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Maldives kicks off Business Convention

26 February 2019, MVT 16:23
Participants of the Business Convention posing for a photo with Economic Minister. PHOTO: AHMED NISHAATH / MIHAARU
26 February 2019, MVT 16:23

Ministry of Economic Development on Tuesday launched the Business Convention designed to discuss the challenges faced by Maldives’ expanding businesses.

Inaugurating the event, Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail stated that there would be no impediments to the entrepreneurs present voicing their opinions and queries in the convention’s environment, and guaranteed that there would be no further issues that would arise from the challenges discussed at the convention.

“…the convention would be successful only if it is possible for every attendees’ honest opinions to be shared with the government”, said Minister Fayyaz.

Moreover, he said that beneficial changes can be expected for businesses, from the outcomes decided by the Business Convention.

Many entrepreneurs from the atolls are participating in the event held at Dharubaaruge convention centre, while several atoll council members are also taking part via Virtual Campus Technology.

Special presentations disseminating information about small to medium range enterprises and the opportunities available in Maldives for business, technology and ICT fields, as well as information about the challenges faced by businesses importing food products, are included in the convention.

Additionally, presentations will be given about workers, the economy and issues in the tax system.