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Team clocks in 12 km, arrives at Amilla Fushi

The team recorded a whopping paddle distance of 12km, before arriving at Amilla Fushi, the final stop for the day, for recuperation.

Raif Amyl Jalyl
26 February 2019, MVT 10:09
A sunset seen from luxury resort Amilla Fushi PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON
Raif Amyl Jalyl
26 February 2019, MVT 10:09

The Stand Up For Our Seas team, on Sunday, arrived at Amilla fushi, a short paddle away from their earlier stop at Dusit Thani.

The team had covered a total distance of 12km for the day’s journey before eventually retiring into the luxury resort's stunning tree houses.

On Monday morning, the previous day's efforts were celebrated along with team member Shaziya Saeed’s birthday a complimentary cake provided by Amilla Fushi.

“Thank you to Dusit Thani and Amilla Fushi for their generous hospitality, and the wonderful conversations about how they are attempting to play their part in protecting the environment,” said Dr. Claire Petros on behalf of the team.

Fully rejuvenated after what was described as an "indulgent", celebratory breakfast, the team departed through a shoal of juvenile black-tipped reef sharks, towards their next destination, the world-famous Hanifaru Bay.