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Medical Association conducts awareness programme to prevent speeding

24 February 2019, MVT 21:52
24 February 2019, MVT 21:52

Maldives Medical Association (MMA), on Friday, conducted an awareness programme aimed at reduction of driving speeds, sparked by an increased frequency of road-side accidents on the Sinamale’ bridge and the Hulhule-Hulhumale link road connected to it.

The programme, which commenced through various locations in Capital City Male and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale, welcomed participation from hospital staff and nurses working at various medical institutes throughout the country.

“An injured person is immediately brought to the hospital. We witness the pain that friends and family go through when they see their loved ones injured. Therefore, our aim is to achieve peaceful, accident-free roads”, said a spokesperson for MMA.

Participants carried placards featuring road safety slogans such as “drive slowly”, “make our roads peaceful”, “always use the zebra cross”, and “roads should be crossed without fear”.

Moreover, role-play exercises portraying accidents took place in some areas, where an on-site emergency first response was demonstrated.

Over recent months, many people were reported to have sustained serious injuries due to vehicular accidents that took place on the Sinamale Bridge and connective link road.

In a bid to minimize the damages caused by such accidents, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration has announced that wearing helmets on the bridge from March 10 onwards will be mandatory.

Maldives Police Service recently began special traffic operations to guarantee the safety of those using the bridge and to reduce the number of accidents.