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Maldives launches anti-bullying policy

14 February 2019, MVT 14:50
UNICEF Representative Mohamed El Munir Safieldin releasing the new anti-bullying policy. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
14 February 2019, MVT 14:50

Ministry of Education on Wednesday officially launched a policy to stop bullying and give aid to victims in the education system.

The policy was introduced by UNICEF representative Mohamed El Munir Safieldin, in a reception held at Hotel Jen.

In the event, Minister of Education Dr Aishath Ali said that it would be difficult for students to complete their education well if their health were compromised, and that mental wellbeing of students is important for their success in life.

She noted that any victim of bullying might also experience depression and face difficulties in other aspects of their lives.

Moreover, the minister stated that the policy was implemented in order to make safe schooling environments abundant with educational opportunities for students, and to stop bullying in activities organised by the school.

Additionally, the policy was made to create awareness amongst students and those employed in the education field.

Dr Aishath revealed that 488 people, consisting of employees in institutes working with students, parents, teachers and school principles, were involved in discussions to make the policy.

Furthermore, famous video blogger Aalif Naseer, 21, was selected in the event as the Anti-Bullying Ambassador. He will be collaborating with the ministry in activities against bullying.

Bullying in the school environment is commonplace and is a reason for students losing interest in attending school and losing trust in self.

Many have raised complaints over the inactivity of schools in taking action against bullying.