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President Solih inaugurates online portal to expose corruption

12 February 2019, MVT 16:54
Senior Government Officials including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Vice-President Faisal Naseem at the ceremony to launch “Zero Tolerance Corruption Campaign”. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
12 February 2019, MVT 16:54

Maldives launched the “Zero Tolerance Corruption Campaign” online portal on Tuesday in a move to expose corruption cases of government institutions.

In the ceremony held at the President’s Office, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said that the web portal was introduced in order to increase public involvement against corruption, and that complaints could anonymously be submitted through the system.

President Solih also assured that details of informants would not be exposed, and that the portal is an important medium to ease whistleblowing.

After inaugurating the web portal, the President asserted that the portal will be used to eradicate the plague of corruption, redeem the nation and to create a transparent society with the joint contribution of the citizens. The President elaborated that the work to eliminate corruption started with each individual and would require compassion.

“Today, let every Maldivian citizen start work to counteract corruption. It is one of the most important pledges of the administration to eradicate corruption in government institutes, making the institutions transparent and attaining citizens' trust,” said President Solih.

Secretary of Policy at President’s Office, Aminath Shuana, iterated that during the campaign of last year’s presidential elections, a major concern raised by citizens was that corruption had propagated extensively. She declared that the government was taking leadership by pledging to implement policies and other methods to stop the plague of corruption.

Shauna further stated that ensuring the transparency of government institutes is a target, and work on securing that goal is ongoing in the current administration’s First 100 Working Days.

Shauna also said that while there are over 2,000 recommendations proposed relating to government institutions, it is the target of the state to introduce the recommendations in order to shape the work of the administration, instead of conducting more surveys.

Additionally, Shauna assured that shaping the work of the administration would not leave any room for corruption.

The portal is a software created by the world renowned GlobaLeaks.

The President’s Office shared that through the portal, citizens can confer anonymously with the committee in the Office.

Vice President Faisal Naseem also attended the ceremony to begin the Zero Tolerance Corruption Campaign.