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Ambassador Mishra pays farewell call on President Solih

Ahmed Aiham
11 February 2019, MVT 11:08
Ambassador of India to Maldives shaking hands with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Ahmed Aiham
11 February 2019, MVT 11:08

The Ambassador of India to Maldives Akhilesh Mishra, paid his farewell call on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday at the President’s Office.

The President conveyed appreciation to the Ambassador for his remarkable services to further cultivate the historic ties between Maldives and India.

Additionally, President Solih noted the Ambassador’s close working partnership with Maldives and highlighted his familiarity with the Maldivian language, customs and traditions.

President also expressed hope that the Indo-Maldives ties would continue to reach new heights in the backdrop of renewed understandings and trust between the two countries.

Ambassador Mishra stated that it was his pleasure to have served as the Ambassador to Maldives and expressed his gratitude for the close cooperation by the government of Maldives for the positive steps towards a new chapter for Indo-Maldives ties.

The two state officials discussed the importance of maintaining the momentum of ongoing mutually-beneficial initiatives in areas including capacity-building, infrastructure development, sports cooperation and renewable energy.

During the meeting, President Solih expressed hope that the Ambassador would remain a friend to Maldives and wished success and good fortune in his future endeavours.