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PG retracts terrorism charges against Maumoon, Nadeem, MP Faris, MP Riyaz

Shahudha Mohamed
27 January 2019, MVT 21:11
Maumoon (far left), Nadheem(left), MP Riyaz and MP Faris (far right). PHOTO: MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
27 January 2019, MVT 21:11

Prosecutor General (PG) Aishath Bisham retracted the terrorism charges against Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, his son Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Farish, son-in-law Mohamed Nadeem and Kinbidhoo MP Abdulla Riyaz.

Letters were sent on by Prosecutor General Bisham notifying each that the terrorism case for orchestrating a coup against the government will be discontinued.

The letter further revealed that the cases submitted to Criminal Court have been sent back to Maldives Police Service.

Additionally, the bribery charges against the MP of Dhiggaru constituency Ahmed Faris Maumoon were also recently retracted by the PG Office.

Faris was charged for offering bribes to parliamentarians to garner support to pass a motion of no confidence against former parliament speaker Abdulla Maseeh, while Riyaz was charged for calling to release the opposition’s political leaders as per the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling of February 1.

Meanwhile, Maumoon was detained for one year seven months and six days after being sentenced for obstructing justice following his refusal to hand over his mobile phone. The sentence was later overthrown by High Court.