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Mandhu College condemns attack as obstruction of education

23 January 2019, MVT 16:30
The main entrance door of Mandhu College was broken after the college's chairman, Ibrahim Ismail, was accused of blasphemy.
23 January 2019, MVT 16:30

Mandhu College released a statement Wednesday, condemning the culprits who broke the glass door of the college building on Monday night.

The incident took place after the Chairman of Mandhu College and former parliament member, Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra), was accused of blasphemy.

A crowd had gathered in front of Mandhu College, protesting against Ibrahim late Monday. The building's main door was broken the same night.

The statement revealed that three men had obstructed college staff from entering the building on Monday, finally necessitating assistance from Maldives Police Service to enter the premises. The college also accused the crowd that had gathered of frightening the staff and students.

The statement went on to say that it was saddening that such an attack was fuelled by personal reasons, describing the act as a cowardly attempt to obstruct education in the country.

“We hope to continue to provide education to our students and those who have newly applied for the college, in a safe environment with the aid of Allah,” read the statement.

Mandhu College further asserted that, despite the many difficulties they faced over the past 20 years, they overcame every challenge and will continue to serve the students and nation.

Moreover, Mandhu College declared they they were not involved in the politics of the country, regardless of the changes in the social and political landscape.

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