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Former Head of DED appointed as Deputy Ambassador to Germany

17 January 2019, MVT 16:57
Recently appointed Deputy Ambassador to Germany Mohamed Jinah along with Foreign Minister Abdullla Shahid.PHOTO: FOREIGN MINISTRY/ MIHAARU
17 January 2019, MVT 16:57

Former Head of Drug Enforcement Department of Maldives Police Service, Mohamed Jinah, was appointed as the Deputy Ambassador of Maldives to Germany on Thursday.

Jinah was removed from his position at Maldives Police Service in 2013. He held the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police at the time of his dismissal during President Dr. Mohamed Waheed's administration.

Following his dismissal, Jinah filed a case at the Civil Court stating that he was unlawfully removed, and won the case.

Civil Court ordered MVR 2.8 million in compensation to Jinah, as well as his reinstation at a position of the same level he priorly held.

Mohamed Jinah was reinstated in Maldives Police Service, but retired with honours shortly afterwards.

Other individuals who were also dismissed for similar reasons were reinstated, including the current Acting Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdullah Fairoosh and Superintendent of Police Mohamed Riyaz.