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President Solih and Vice President Faisal declare financial statements

Mariyam Malsa
11 January 2019, MVT 09:45
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attending a Cabinet meeting. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Mariyam Malsa
11 January 2019, MVT 09:45

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Vice President Faisal Naseem and the Cabinet of Ministers publicly declared their assets and income on Thursday.

The statements are currently published on the website of the President's Office.

According to the declaration, President Solih owns a plot of land in Hinavaru, Lhaviyani Atoll and earned an income of MVR 1,532,680 in the six months prior to his election into office. This amount was earned through salaries received during his tenure as Hinnavaru MP. The President has no debts.

Meanwhile, Vice President Faisal owns a property in Fuvahmulah which is valued at MVR 10,500,000 and two apartments worth MVR 6,200,000. The Vice President also owns six motorcycles which hold a collective value of MVR 270,000 and two cars which are worth MVR 500,000.

In the six months preceding the election, Vice President Faisal earned MVR 1,710,000 as income through his former post as MP for the constituency of Kaashidhoo and through business activities. The Vice President does not have any debts either.

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Aishath Nahula earned a pre-appointment income of MVR 2,443.40 as the dividend from her share in the State Trading Organization (STO). She does not own any property or have any debt.

In addition to owning an MVR 5.4 million property in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed earned an income of MVR 150,000 as rent in the six months before his appointment.

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla did not earn an income during the months before his appointment as he had been incarcerated for charges of terrorism. The Home Minister owns an apartment in Hulhumale’ which has a value of MVR 2.5 million and a motorcycle worth MVR 50,000.

Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage Yumna Maumoon earned MVR 210,000 as rent from the retail outlet she owns in the capital city of Male’. Yumna has a debt of MVR 533,544.58 as per the Civil Court ruling. However, the payment has been delayed after the ruling was submitted for appeal.

In addition to the President and the Vice President, 26 executives at the President’s Office declared their assets.

This is the first time leading members of an administration have voluntarily disclosed their assets in Maldivian history.

In the upcoming five years, the President’s Office will continue to publish and annually revise the financial statements of all senior political appointees at all ministries, state institutions, and state companies.