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Home minister assures ex-VP Adeeb will receive proper medical treatment

03 January 2019, MVT 15:27
03 January 2019, MVT 15:27

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla stated on Thursday that former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb was taken back to jail, after being released to house arrest due to his medical condition, when his doctors no longer requested it.

Adeeb, who is serving a hefty jail sentence, was transferred to house arrest under the suggestion of his doctor for a “homely environment” on October 24, 2018. Adeeb was hospitalized on November 9, 2018, and was transferred to house arrest the same month, on 27.

However, according to a tweet by Minister Imran, the doctor did not extend his advice beyond December 24, and Adeeb was shifted back to prison on Wednesday.

In his tweet, Imran further explained that Adeeb’s treatment would take place as per regulations, and that the government would not withhold anyone’s human rights against the constitution.

Following his transfer back to prison, his wife stated in a tweet that Adeeb was released on house arrest until January 28, and transferring him back to prison while former President Abdul Yameen Abdul Gayoom remained free, is a very "personal, inhuman and cruel" act.

In the duration of his house arrest, Adeeb created a political party by the name of Maldives Third-way Democracy (MTD). He was also appointed as the President of the party.

However, the Elections Commission has announced that since Adeeb is serving a jail sentence, he cannot fill any position other than being a party member.

Adeeb is serving a 33-year jail sentence over orchestrating an assassination attempt on former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and for his involvement in major corruption scandals, including the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation MVR 1.4 billion embezzlement case, during his tenure.