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MP Abdul Raheem files for party authorization again

Ahmed Aiham
27 December 2018, MVT 09:53
Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla and former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED
Ahmed Aiham
27 December 2018, MVT 09:53

Former Vice-President of Progressive Party Of Maldives (PPM) Abdul Raheem Abdulla, filed a second bid to authorize the new political party, People's National Congress (NPC), on Wednesday.

Elections Commission (EC) denied authorisation to form the new political party, on Tuesday, due to the request being filed by the then-former Vice-President of PPM. The representative for Fonadhoo, Laamu Atoll resigned from PPM following EC's decision to reject the authorization bid.

Abdul Raheem is currently the closest aide of former President Yameen. While he was actively involved in forming Yameen’s new political party, the MP also played a key role in the presidential campaign to re-elect Yameen in the recent Presidential elections.

Yameen became an opposition leader following his defeat in the presidential elections. According to Yameen’s close associates, his biggest obstacle in leading the opposition is the dispute over the leadership of PPM after his political fall-out with estranged half-brother and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

President Yameen recently stated that he decided to establish a new political party due to the ongoing delay in the PPM case.

Yameen first appeared as a leader in the political arena since the establishment of People’s Alliance (PA). He joined his half-brother's party after resigning from his post at the PA. Yameen came to power in 2013, however, he faced a landslide defeat in his re-election bid this year.