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PSM will be independent: Ali Khalid

25 December 2018, MVT 22:38
Ali Khalid, the recently appointed Managing Director for Public Service Media (PSM). PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
25 December 2018, MVT 22:38

The Privatisation and Corporatization Board (PCB), announced on Tuesday, the appointment of Ali Khalid as the Managing Director (MD) of Public Service Media (PSM).

Addressing the public, Khalid stated that his intention to establish the state broadcasting company as an independent institution and to regain the trust of citizens.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih appointed the new managing director at a time when the broadcaster is facing multiple allegations of corruption.

Khalid was previously appointed to the position of Chief Communication Officer at the President’s Office by Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He also served as the CEO of Television Maldives, then-state media channel, from 2006 until 2008. In addition, he served as the Chairman of Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO) during President Yameen's tenure.

“I am not new to the media industry. I ensured that nonbiased information was provided to the public during news heavy periods. I was instructed to carry out the services of PSM by maintaining the image of a public service media provider,” said the newly appointed MD.

“Our intention is to run PSM independently and professionally. The government has also identified many issues. Reforms can only be brought after proper analysis,” said Khalid.

Khalid further emphasized that PSM would not be able to run at the standard of an independent media broadcaster, within a day's time.

During the President Elections, PSM was allegedly used as a propaganda tool to campaign for Yameen’s re-election. The state media did not broadcast the opinions of the then-opposition.

Moreover, certain executive board members of PSM were noted to have performed active roles in Yameen's presidential campaign.

Ibrahim Khaleel served as the Managing Director and Mohamed Ikram as the Deputy Managing Director of PSM during the controversial term of the former President. The two were removed from their positions in November, following President Solih taking office.