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Five of the 100-Day Pledges initiative fulfilled: AG Office

20 December 2018, MVT 18:35
Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath (L) and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. PHOTO/PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
20 December 2018, MVT 18:35

Attorney General’s Office revealed on Thursday that five of the pre-electoral pledges, promised to be met within the first 100 days of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration, have already been fulfilled.

AG Office was tasked with the responsibility of fulfilling 12 pledges within the first 100 days of Solih’s presidency.

A statement released by the office shared that the five pledges already fulfilled include:

1. Reviewing laws passed in favour or against certain parties and individuals

2. Renegotiating loans and agreements that could threaten the sovereignty of the state and potentially result in debt

3. Submitting an amendment to the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, to enforce the same sentence on the person who knowingly offers a bribe and the person who accepts a bribe

4. Submitting a bill to ensure protection for whistle-blowers

5. Submitting a bill to curb illicit wealth flows

Attorney General’s Office revealed that the process of making new laws and amending existing laws regarding the pre-electoral pledges are in progress, and near completion.

Out of 11 laws to be amended, 10 laws were drafted and some of them have been submitted to the parliament, along with one law out of the five new legislations to be made, according to the statement.

The statement also declares that a compilation of an additional two bills is currently in progress.

Although the AG Office revealed to have submitted a bill to parliament regarding illicit wealth flows, the government has not disclosed any prior information regarding the matter. Parliament is currently in recess, and yet to do a first reading of the bill.