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We will expose offenders in hopes to stop littering: EPA

Lujine Rasheed
09 December 2018, MVT 17:43
From the 'Saafu Raajje, Aharenge Ves Zimma' campaign held on December 8, 2018. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Lujine Rasheed
09 December 2018, MVT 17:43

Environment Protection Agency (EPA), on Sunday, announced their decision to publicize names of litterers as a way to try and bring an end to the issue of littering that plagues public places in Malé.

The Director-General of EPA Mohamed Naeem, stated that the agency is exploring ways to identify litterers who litter to public places.

"We plan to impose a penalty on people disposing waste to unallocated spaces as well. So far, we have been cleaning up after the litterers. But we have to stop it, even if it means having to expose them", said Naeem.

According to Naeem, identifying the people leaving waste at locations not designated for disposal would not be an easy process. EPA plans to carry out this practice with the help of security cameras.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also stated that waste disposal is one of the country's biggest social problems.

While launching the nationwide clean-up initiative named “Saafu Raajje, Aharenge ves zimma”, (loosely translating to ‘[A]Clean Maldives, My Responsibility Too”) the president identified that solutions for litter-related issues can only begin from civilians and that the role of civic responsibility plays a crucial role.