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Local team wins Malaysia's Mindvalley Tech Hackathon

Ahmed Aiham
06 December 2018, MVT 13:10
The Maldivian team at the Malaysia Mindvalley Hackathon 2018. PHOTO: TWITTER
Ahmed Aiham
06 December 2018, MVT 13:10

Local team 'GGD' won the Mindvalley Tech Hackathon 2018 in Malaysia on Tuesday.

The hackathon, which was hosted for the employees at the University, saw the likes of 40 participants from the fields of designers, developers and project managers.

The local team included the University's Head of Product Design Shafiu Hussain, Senior Product Designer Nasrulla Adnan, Head of Infrastructure and Product Manager Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed and Senior iOS developer Mohamed Maail.

In an interview given to local media Mihaaru, Shafiu, who spearheaded the team to victory, stated that the hackathon was hosted to bring the ideas of the employees into existence. He added that participants could submit their ideas and be teamed up with interested contributors to further develop the idea.

Shafiu revealed that 36 hours were given by the competition to develop the idea and present it.

A tweet congratulating the Maldivian team for their victory in the Mindvalley Tech Hackathon 2018. PHOTOS: TWITTER

"We did not specifically think of pitching an only Maldivian team. Maldivians wanted to work towards the idea we pitched," said Shafiu.

Moreover, Shafiu encouraged people to pursue the sector of technology by stating that it is possible to make progress in the field if there is interest and drive, even if the person lacks academic education.

Mindvalley is a mostly an online university that caters to over 3 million enrollees. Although most classes are online based, certain classes can be attended at the university. The university mainly provides courses in personal development.

Mindvalley has employees over 300 people across 54 countries.