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Bill giving power to committees proposed to Parliament

05 December 2018, MVT 16:45
MPs attend a sitting of the Parliament. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT
05 December 2018, MVT 16:45

The representative of Alifushi to the Parliament, Mohamed Rasheed Hussein, proposed a bill giving authority to the two commissions made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in order to investigate murder and corruption cases. It has been accepted by the Parliament. The bill has also been sent to the commission for independent firms so that the bill can be analysed.

The decision to cast the vote for the bill was proposed while the opposition members from People’s Progressive Party (PPM) and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) were retaliating at the Parliament sitting on Monday. The opposition members stated that the bill was accepted by the Parliament against the constitution.

The Speaker of the Parliament Gasim Ibrahim announced that if there were any issues with the proposed bill, it can be addressed to the committee in order to make any changes if necessary.

The bill was accepted after casting a vote among 42 members who were present at the Parliament sitting. Five members, however, voted against it.

President Solih, however, has already created two separate commissions and appointed members to those positions before the bill was proposed to the Parliament.

The objectives of the bill include holding investigations into the unsolved murder cases and to punish those responsible for the heinous crimes.

In addition, the commissions will be given authority to investigate if there were corruption with the finances and assets of the state.

The bill will give authority to the two independent commissions to make formal accusations against those responsible for corruption and murder cases.