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30 day deadline for wrongful termination claims

05 December 2018, MVT 12:49
A cabinet meeting of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
05 December 2018, MVT 12:49

The President’s Office has created a form for government employees to raise an unfair dismissal claim, on Tuesday.

The coalition government is looking into cases for unfair dismissal of government company employees or civil servants during the regime of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. A committee was established in order to check whether anyone was dismissed for any political reasons, according to the President’s Office.

The registration form is now available online on the website of the President’s Office and a hardcopy of the form is available at the reception of the President’s Office.

Police officers, military officials and civil servants were reported to be dismissed unfairly during the past five years of the previous administration.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih made a vow to bring justice to those who lost their jobs unfairly, during his campaign before the presidential election on 23 September.