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Parliament's 3rd session to be extended again

04 December 2018, MVT 14:12
MPs attend a sitting of the Parliament. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT
04 December 2018, MVT 14:12

The Parliament, on Tuesday, approved the decision to extend its 3rd session to December 15 in order to complete pending tasks.

Parliament Speaker Gasim Ibrahim explained the reason for the extension stating that it was unlikely that the parliament could complete its workload by the end of December 5. Gasim assured that political parties were consulted before the decision was made.

While 26 members unanimously voted in favour of the decision, the third parliamentary session was extended for a five-day period on November 28.

The parliament reconvened last October following a two-month recess despite recent revisions to the parliamentary regulations which state that the third session must commence on August 27 and end on November 30.