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Murder, missing persons cases can be solved: Police

07 November 2018, MVT 09:56
07 November 2018, MVT 09:56

Commissioner of Police, Hamdhoon Rasheed, on Tuesday assured that the truth about the murder cases of parliamentarian Dr. Afrasheem Ali, blogger Yameen Rasheed, and missing persons case of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, will be unravelled.

The statement came amidst a time the police have announced their decision to review the investigations into all three cases.

The police have been under fire for not being able to point out those who were associated with the murder cases and their motives behind the killing, which still remain unknown to the public.

“We will find the truth about these cases and announce those who were involved in these murders, and find out their motives for such actions”, Hamdhoon told local media Mihaaru News. “The police are capable of solving these mysteries and we are currently doing everything in our capability to find out the truth about these cases. We have achieved great results so far and hopefully we will be able to bring justice to those families who were affected.”

When asked about how the police were going to review these cases, he stated he could not give any details regarding their course of action yet. While the police have announced to review these cases, President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has vowed to uncover the truth about these cases under his presidency.

Unsolved murder of Dr. Afrasheem

Dr. Afrasheem was violently murdered after being stabbed by a sharp object on September 30, 2012 at 1:30 a.m., near the staircase in his apartment. The Supreme Court has upheld capital punishment for Hussain Humaam, who was found guilty of killing the parliament member. However, Afraasheem’s family has raised concern because those who orchestrated the assassination remains at large.

Parliament member Abdulla Riyaz, who was the Commissioner of Police during Afrasheem’s assassination, has stated that they were withholding information regarding the murder until the appropriate time came to reveal such information.

Murder and missing cases

The journalist, Ahmed Rilwan, has been missing since August 2014. Although two people have been accused of being involved in Rilwan’s disappearance, they were not charged due to lack of evidence, according to the court.

Meanwhile, seven people are currently being indicted over the violent killing of Yameen Rasheed, a renowned blogger.

Comments by the Defence Minister

Minister of Defence and National Security Adam Shareef declared on his personal Facebook page, that these cases remain unsolved because of corruption and influences across state departments.

He questioned whether the people who had information regarding Dr.Afrasheem’s violent death was withholding it because of the corruption that exists within the multi-connected departments of the government.

“If the information regarding these murders are revealed, cases such as the murder of Anas would be solved with ease," said Shareef, referring to the brutal stabbing of Mohamed Anas, of Raa Atoll's Meedhoo, in July 2017.

“The justice for these murders has been denied or delayed due to the existence of corruption and influence of authority figures of the state.”