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Court orders to release former judicial administrator

05 November 2018, MVT 19:44
Former Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed arrives at Male for a court hearing. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
05 November 2018, MVT 19:44

Criminal Court ruled to release former Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed, on Monday.

The court ruled to release Saeed after he filed a writ of habeas corpus, since he has completed his prison sentence.

The Criminal Court sentenced Saeed to four months and 24 days after he was convicted of deliberately hiding from the police and obstructing law enforcement.

Saeed was arrested in the wake of the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on February 1, which had ordered the release of nine political prisoners.

The state charged Saeed, along with former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and former Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed, with accepting bribes, under accusations that Jumhooree Party founder Qasim Ibrahim's Villa Group had paid for expensive properties in Malaysia that were acquired by people linked to the three. The Criminal Court had annulled their charges, stating that it could not proceed with the case based on the burden of proof.

The court also nullified the case against Qasim Ibrahim's son Siyad Qasim, who was arrested and charged with giving bribes, in the case. The court annulled the charge, stating that the prosecution had not submitted evidence that proved Villa Group had paid for the properties in Malaysia.

While the court has dropped their bribery charges, Abdulla Saeed and Ali Hameed are serving jail sentences of more than three years over two convictions.

The state has also levied terrorism charges against Abdulla Saeed and Ali Hameed. Their trials are currently ongoing.