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Parliament to take no confidence vote on Maseeh in Nov

Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 October 2018, MVT 22:11
Parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 October 2018, MVT 22:11

Parliament administration has scheduled to hold the sitting on the motion of no confidence against the speaker, Abdulla Maseeh, on November 8.

Opposition lawmakers filed a resolution with 51 signatories seeking to impeach Maseeh on Wednesday. The lawmakers who signed the petition included 15 members from the ruling coalition as well.

In a letter signed by the parliament's Secretary General Fathimath Niusha, the administration informed Maseeh and other lawmakers of the motion filed against the speaker, and that its debate will be held on November 8.

As per the parliament regulations, the Secretary General must inform the speaker and parliamentarians of such motions in a notice issued within three working days of receiving the submission. Regulations also state that the debate on the resolution must be held at the first parliamentary sitting scheduled, after a period of 10 days since issuing the notice. The parliament can only proceed with other bills and resolutions after reaching a decision on the no confidence vote.

The majority of votes from the MPs present at that sitting are required to pass a motion of no confidence against the speaker. While the speaker is accorded the right to speak in their own defence, the sitting will be chaired by the deputy speaker.

This is the third attempt by opposition MPs to impeach Abdulla Maseeh.