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C.C.C.C assures removal of debris from bridge construction

22 October 2018, MVT 20:16
Debris on the reef of Male homebreak - Raalhugandu
22 October 2018, MVT 20:16

China Communications Construction Company Ltd (C.C.C.C), the contractor of the Sinamale Bridge, has stated that the company will dismantle and clear away the construction debris from the seabed of Raalhugandu Area on the southeast coast of capital Male City.

C.C.C.C’s Project Manager Wang Chao stated that even though countermeasures had been in place to minimize waste being discarded into the ocean during bridge development, it would be impossible to completely eliminate marine debris during such projects.

Wang declared that the company is following a plan to effectively clean and neutralize the marine debris in the area, including the discarded construction pipes, metal plates and other materials.

The company released the statement in the wake of concerns raised by the public, after local surfers spotted dangerous debris at Male City's home-break.

The surfers had said that failure to properly dismantle and clean the location post construction will leave surfers, who use Male's homebreak 'Varunulaa Raalhugandu' on a daily basis, facing severe risks.