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Bridge contractor probes illegal shark fishing by workers

22 October 2018, MVT 20:04
Some of the bridge constructions workers from China were seen finning shark. Some of which can be seen hung outside to dry. PHOTO: MOHAMED SAMAH / FACEBOOK
22 October 2018, MVT 20:04

China Communications Construction Company Ltd (C.C.C.C) has commenced an investigation into workers from C.C.C.C illegally fishing and finning sharks at Raalhugandu Surf point.

Photos and videos shot by surfers circulating on social media on Thursday depict Chinese crew members, who worked on the development of the Sinamale Bridge, having illegally caught and finned sharks at their quarters located on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.

C.C.C.C’s Project Manager, Wang Chao, in a statement issued on Monday, stated that the company is currently conducting an investigation with regards to concerns raised by the public on social media platforms.

Furthermore, Wang said that the company has since brought it to the construction workers' attention that shark fishing is illegal in the Maldives, and that the company will take action to ensure their employees comply with the laws of Maldives.

Highlighting the globally acknowledged natural beauty of the archipelago and its rich biodiversity, the project manager assured that C.C.C.C will not accept any actions that pose a threat or result in the destruction of the country's natural resources.

In addition to the issue of illegal shark fishing, Maldives Surfing Association and surfers have reported the presence of a sewerage pipe from the Chinese crew quarters that released contaminated water directly onto the beach and surf break. According to a surfer, the presence of the sewerage pipe was reported to the Police in September.

MSA also reported that water bottles filled with urine had been thrown onto the surf break from the housing units of the Chinese workers built on the eastern coastline.

The landmark Sinamale Bridge, representing the friendship between Maldives and China, was officially inaugurated on August 30, developmed with USD 126 million in aid provided by the Chinese government. The over-water bridge joins capital city Male to the airport island Hulhule and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'.