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EPA fines Housing Ministry over ring road development

18 October 2018, MVT 20:56
Male' ring road developed to ease traffic that would come with the development of Sinamale Bridge. PHOTO: AHMED NISHAATH / MIHAARU
18 October 2018, MVT 20:56

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure over the development of the ring road in capital Male’ City and Fuvahmulah.

The ministry was fined MVR 191,250 for the illegal uprooting of trees in order to create parking spaces in Male’. The trees were uprooted without authorization and went against regulations, said the agency.

EPA stated that the uprooting, which was conducted under the Ring Road Project, had been conducted without an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The agency added that they did not receive any documents from the ministry to assess the damages caused by the illegal uprooting.

The ministry was fined MVR 20,000 for conducting the project without an EIA.

According to EPA, the ring road developed in Fuvahmulah was also conducted without an EIA and thus fined the ministry MVR 60,000.

EPA had also levied a fine of MVR 50,000 on Sunday due to the ministry having illegally extracted ground water from an area near Ameenee Magu, Male’.

EPA has levied more than MVR 320,000 worth of fines on the ministry.

The ministry has been allocated a period of one month to settle the respective fines.