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Villijoali launches ‘Aslukihineiiy’

Ahmed Aiham
15 October 2018, MVT 08:39
Villijoali, an initiative by the Villimale' Unit for Maldives Red Cross, holds its regular beach-side gathering, to exchange ideas and thoughts on pertinent issues to local communities. PHOTO: VILLIJOALI / THE EDITION
Ahmed Aiham
15 October 2018, MVT 08:39

Villijoali, an initiative by Maldivian Red Crescent volunteers to bring together stories from Villimale', launched an anonymous digital platform called 'Aslukihineiiy' on October 10, to commemorate World Mental Awareness Day.

This platform will enable people to express thoughts and share stories concerning mental health and related issues anonymously, in real time.

“Aslukihineiiy marks the realization of a long-awaited dream of Villijoali, by allowing members of our community to share their feelings with one another in a way that is safe, secure and completely anonymous," said Villimale' Unit Leader for the Maldives Red Crescent Ali Shafaa'ath Manik, adding that, "We also receive feedback from others on the digital platform, as we would at a 'joalifathi' or 'holhuashi' setting.”

A 'joalifothi' or 'holhuashi' refers to a cultural communal setting, typically in traditional Maldivian chairs, where people exchange stories on a daily basis.

The initiative plans to take its growing support and feedback into consideration and in the coming days, to accommodate revisions to the platform. This includes the addition of a descriptive page, contact details of mental health service providers and links to other mental health resources – for users seeking information in both languages.

Positive testimony from one enthusiastic user stated, “I am so glad that I have a platform where I can honestly share how I feel.”

Another user left a message stating, “Good platform. Let’s hope that this can change many lives”.

In a statement given to the Edition, Villijoali expressed hopes that the platform will serve as a database that will benefit policymakers, practitioners, service personnel and administrators alike, on various issues concerning mental wellbeing.

The organizers stated that platform usage is set to be reviewed by a team of professionals and experts, after which any changes deemed necessary would be added to the platform in the future.

The 'Aslukihineiiy' platform was created by local design and development agency Hals & Hounds and gifted to MRC Villmale Unit on the occasion to World Mental Health Day, by the company's Founder and MD, Mohamed Sajid.