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Continuation of existing projects confirmed by President-Elect: China

Rae Munavvar
13 October 2018, MVT 17:55
President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (ibu) meets China ambassador
Rae Munavvar
13 October 2018, MVT 17:55

China confirmed on Sunday, that President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) provided assurances of respecting existing contracts as well as towards the completion of projects already underway in the Maldives.

Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokeperson Lu Kang made statements to various international media outlets, stating that in his meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Zhang Lizhong, President-Elect Solih had stated intent to further strengthen relations between both nations.

According to the spokesperson, although close ties between Maldives and China served against the wishes of certain countries, Solih's government shared wishes to maintain as such.

"We know that now and then there are always some people or forces that cannot bear the sight of China-Maldives cooperation running smoothly," affirmed spokesperson Lu Kang.

"But I have just made the situation very clear", he said adding, "President-elect Solih told Chinese Ambassador Zhang Lizhong explicitly that they very much appreciate China's help and will continue to implement all the deals and cooperation projects they have agreed to with the Chinese side."

Lu Kang stated that utilizing the relationship between both nations to aid matters such as infrastructure, living standards and the advancement of tourism, were goals envisioned by the recently elected administration as well.

When questioned whether the government would be concerned over the possible halting of any ongoing projects, spokesperson Lu Kang responded that all projects take place after discussions between both countries.

During the presidency of incumbent President Yameen diplomatic ties with China, in particular, were subject to significant growth compared to that of previous years.

In the last five years, China issued massive loans and initiated several projects in the Maldives which lead to rising concerns from opposition parties, claiming that the Chinese government sought to gain economic control over the island nation and may wreak havoc over various forms of Maldivian heritage.