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Ongoing gang violence is not politics related: Police

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 October 2018, MVT 20:28
Spokesperson for Police Shifan. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 October 2018, MVT 20:28

Maldives Police Service stated on Thursday that there was no political relation with gang-related violence taking place in different parts of the country, in recent weeks.

The police held a press conference following the latest murder whicl involved a minor, 14 years of age.

During the conference, spokesperson for the Police Ahmed Shifaan stated that though some have produced links between the recent upsurge of gang violence to that of the political climate, the two matters are not related.

He declared that no politician had planned or executed any of the recent attacks.

"I assure you that to this point, the results of [police] investigations are clear in that no politician played any part in the attacks", said Shifaan.

Shifaan revealed that 32 people were arrested in relation to the recent attacks and that currently 17 of them remain in police custody.

He compared the number of deaths caused by gang violence in this year to the past, noting that there has been a decrease in fatalities.

While three minors have died this year due to gang-related violence, Shifan referred to the statistical number being comparatively lower in 201, presenting it as evidence that indicates crime rates have been controlled significantly.

During the meeting, the police called on the public to maintain peace and to work together with authorities.